1 - So...who are you? An introduction

Hey all and welcome to the Embrace Your Weird Podcast!

In this episode, I'll tell you a bit about me, my past as a child actor, my decision to leave LA to find my true passion, as well as my current life as a writer...and a podcaster, apparently. I'll also cover why I am talking to you while crammed into a closet with my dog. 

Here are links to a few things mentioned in the podcast: 

Lulu Miller and Invisibilia

Olive my podcasting co-host

Mrs. Doubtfire

Independence Day


The truly cringe-worthy Lifeline tv movie (Also sometimes called Reckoning, for some reason) has mostly disapeared, but someone actually compiled some clips on Youtube. 

The letter that Robin Williams wrote to my high school, requesting that they allow me to come back to school after filming 

You Look Like That Girl: a child actor stops pretending and finally grows up

Youtube beginner yoga class

The theme song is called “Beautiful” from the band Red Bird. Check them out live in Portland, Oregon, or online at RedBirdBand.com

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