Embrace Your Weird Online Class


Embrace Your Weird Online Class

350.00 399.00

Sundays from 3pm - 5pm Eastern.

Jan 13, 20, Feb 3, 10, 17, 2019.

Learn to live with more ease and authenticity, whether you have a diagnosed anxiety disorder, or just experience everyday stress. Author, yoga/meditation teacher, and life-long anxious person Lisa Jakub will discuss tangible ways to understand your inner critic, increase compassion for yourself and others, and access the joy within that often feels smothered by stress.

The class will also include writing exercises, breathing techniques, and mindful group dialogues about managing anxiety. We will discuss and practice proven methods to retrain the brain and create healthier habits in all areas of our lives.

This fun and engaging class provides opportunities (but no obligations!) to share your creative work in a supportive community, ask questions, and gather tools to create more happiness and contentment in daily life.

No experience in anything, other than being human, is required.

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