Author, speaker, retired actor. 


Prose & Pose: writing and yoga workshops

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Find peace, purpose, and your authentic voice. And maybe some new best friends. Prose & Pose Workshops balance creative writing with the physical and philosophical practice of yoga. Explore the mind/body connections involved in creative writing and yoga asana practice. We will discuss ways to move deeper into your writing, access your authentic voice on the page, and deal with writer’s block. We will engage the body and learn how a yoga practice can help access an inner stillness that supports any creative project. Workshops are held all over the country and range from four hours to four days. Beginners to both yoga and writing are enthusiastically welcomed!

Speaking engagements

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I get it — I’m an introvert with anxiety and it doesn’t make sense that I love speaking…but I do. I feel honored whenever I can share my story and connect with others so that they feel less alone with their struggles. I always include lots of Q&A time because I want to have a real conversation and dig into the good stuff together. I particularly love talking about topics such as redefining success, finding your own authentic voice, writing craft, mental wellness, and my new book NOT JUST ME: Anxiety, depression, and learning to embrace your weird