Simple Body Scan for Sleep

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 7.47.34 AM.png

I know you’ve had this experience. It’s 3 AM. Your mind is spinning about any number of terrible things. And all you want to do is sleep and it’s the only thing you can’t do, and you are freaking out because you know you are going to be exhausted the next day.

Body Scan to the rescue.

This is a great beginner meditation because it’s very simple and not at all woo-woo. You can use this not only when you are trying to sleep, but any time you need to refocus the mind away from the Doom Spiral and relax the body.

You can hear more of my meditations on the free Insight Timer App which I personally use every single day. (I listen to other people’s recordings though. Listening to myself would be strange.)

I hope you enjoy it!